Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Welcome to! Home to co-creations of Jeff Thomas and Celeste Green. In the rare event that you don't actually know Jeff and/or Celeste, here are some bios to help make this a more informed (intimate? in-depth? inbred?) experience. Enjoy our vaguely misleading, 100% truthful, painfully self-aware rants.


Jeff Thomas is a modest and unpretentious man. He has never allowed his greatness, his virtuosity, or his genius to overshadow his amazing ability to downplay just how freaking talented he is as an artist.

Jeff Thomas has been so unbelievably talented since the age of 3. Born in Japan and relocated to the United States, his influences range from heavy doses of feature-animated films to Saturday morning cartoons. Graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, and having received a B.A. in Communication Arts & Design for his efforts, Jeff Thomas moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his path as an astounding artist. Through Disney Interactive Studios’ undergraduate associate program, he was able to further prove his gift as a character designer/story artist, wowing all those who came in contact with him.

Jeff Thomas’s comic and well-polished style lends itself to the equally strong work of Celeste Green. But don’t ask him about how complementary and fantastic the pairing is; he’s too humble to admit it.


Celeste Green is just like Stephen King. They have an equal amount of syllables in their names, are Virgos, and are writers that proudly hail from Maine.

Green atte
nded Emerson College in Boston and received a B.A. in Theatre, co-writing and producing 3 musicals, penning a handful of plays, and assisting in numerous films during her time there. She moved out to Los Angeles to pursue further film work, but retired when the film industry began resembling a mother hamster feeding on its young.

Falling back on her literary skills, she first began writing for comic books when her brother-in-law proposed a fateful artist and author partnership. This led to an inflated ego, resulting in openly calling herself a writer. Her partnership with Jeff has made her almost unbearable.

Despite what her picture shows, Green enjoys stringing Christmas lights. The picture is accurate, however, in depicting how easily they confuse her. They do not confuse Stephen King; one of their very few differences.

While never abandoned by her father, run over by a Dodge Caravan, or a witness to a friend’s untimely train-demise, Celeste Green carries the burden of being otherwise indistinguishable from such a well known writer with ease. She draws inspiration from what could easily intimidate a lesser writer and/or person, and hopes to inspire others that have such identical greatness thrust upon them. After all, it’s what Stephen King would do.