Friday, December 12, 2008

Saving Eva

CAPTAIN’S LOG, Earth Day 6.

Our earthling escort, the bravest Eva, introduced us to what they call “the park” today. There, we saw some more of those hairy, fanged beasts named “dogs” returning spherical objects to humans that seemed so desperate to be rid of them. The humans would hurl the entity as far away from them as their tiny human arms had the strength to, but the hirsute hounds would merely bring them back in their vicious, snarling jaws. You could tell how blood-thirsty they were by the amount they were salivating.

In an attempt to save the humans from these frenzied beasts, we, the Karmapolis Heroes, stepped in. Sonica used her sound-bending powers to temporarily handicap the monsters (as we discovered they are sensitive to high-pitched tones), Behthani gathered the offending spheres with his telekinesis (personal note: that does conflict with the conduct code of his current Mage Rank…consider consulting Captain’s Reprimanding Guide for tone of scolding), Dex incinerated some of the orbs with his mini-cannon, and I hurled the rest of the globes as far away as the humans intended, I’m sure.
However, the humans were inappropriately unhappy with our good deed. Kind Eva defended our honor by claiming we were joining in on their “game.” When this failed, she distracted them by pointing in a direction and claiming an ice cream truck was nearby (though a vehicle made entirely of frozen dairy product sounds unsafe).

During our escape, we witnessed several citizens neglecting to follow the lead of what wise Eva called a “walk sign.” Though we prepared our arrest of the offenders, she claims that battle is for another day.

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