Monday, February 23, 2009


“Once upon a time…”
So began a harmless rhyme
Used to teach a simple tale
Of morality defined.
A villain, dark, and hero, true,
Fought as they ought to do.
For while opposing forces live
There is no rest; the other pursues.
The Hero--kind, strong, and brave
Defeated the villain—selfish, heartless, and depraved.
“Leave my village,” the Hero yelled,
The Villain complied; the day was saved.
The Hero won as Heroes should
For evil cannot triumph over good.
The village, at last, was safe;
The Villain disappeared into the wood.
“Beware the wood,” the elders say
For only they can remember the day
When good begat its legacy
And evil was made to pay.
Evil must pay....

A new comic book series about an old fairy tale.


Who killed Mr. Body?
  • Professor Plum, in the Conservatory, with the Lead Pipe. (11%)
  • Miss Scarlet, in the Kitchen, with the Rope. (11%)
  • Colonel Mustard, in the Hall, with the Wrench. (11%)
  • Celeste Green, in the Laundry Room, with the Tommy Gun. (66%)
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What other fairy tale characters would you like to see in "RED"?

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