Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeff and Celeste Musical 3!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Genre Squad to bring you this picture of Jeff and Celeste jumping...

Sorry: no Genre Squad this week, guys. Sometimes life gets in the way of webcomic-making. Sad, but true....

Be sure to come back next week, though, for a new Jeff-and-Celeste-brand editorial cartoon! Hooray!


What is Beatrice's stuffed bunny's name?

  • Gabriel. (45%)
  • Anubis. (28%)
  • Jeff. (17%)
  • Celeste. (8%)

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What would Troy do?

1 comment:

Gideon said...

Jeff! How are you doing that line work? Its really clean and I dont understand how youre doing it. Good Job! But seriously answer my question. Gotta know.