Monday, June 11, 2012

Dead in the Water: Prologue, pg 1

Hey, gang!  We made an excutive decision to cut back on some of our less popular webcomic series (not "cut out," but "cut back" for all 2 of you die-hard Genre Squad fans out there...)  in order to spend more time on our serial titles, like the previously hinted at Dead in the Water.  For example: see the rough of the very first page of the series below!

We'll be posting page updates bi-weekly (opposite of Beatrice) until a whole issue is done!  And then we'll make the completed issue into a printed book, and move onto the next one and the next one and the next one....  :)

Hope you enjoy our newest efforts!


joie-fatale said...

Excited to Read dead in the water!

Crystal said...

MMMHMMM, I love me my Genre Squad, but definitely don't mind a little cutting back init means making way for some piratey goodness!!!

Anonymous said...

I love a good webcomic and Ive high hopes for this one (no pressure there! lol) but will you be posting the finalised pages on here for us all to see or only the rough versions?