Monday, January 12, 2009

Saving Eva: The Family

Eva is a 15-year-old girl from Suburbia, USA. Raised by her two loving, but slightly oblivious parents, she has learned to be an independent individual…which is not a popular mentality among most teenagers. Despite her depressingly low number of friends, she is kind, giving, and outspoken, which garners the respect of the Karmapolis Heroes (whether she likes it or not).

Mom is Eva's loving and lovely mother. While not always a source of sage advice, she has only the best intentions for Eva. Fortified by her mug of something, Mom has been happily married to Dad since the beginning of time, as far as Eva or anyone else knows.

Dad is Eva's devoted and preoccupied father. With his nose in the newspaper and brain in the clouds, Eva knows that at least his heart is in the right place. He has been happily married to Mom for as long as he can remember, and would have it no other way.


Should Pirate and Ninja join the ever-increasing army of temps, accepting a year contract even though it means a reduced wage and an even more reduced concept of employee benefits and rights?

  • Yes; it could be a way to stay fiscally afloat for a year (or less...) while looking for better employment. Just like everyone else is trying to do! [12%]
  • No; this could merely exacerbate the problems their having in finding a more permanent job. Duh. [0%]
  • Yes; maybe they like dead-end jobs. Benefits are frivolous to them. 401k's are for snobs! [12%]
  • No; they should move to a less populated area where the employers are forced to treat their staff better. Also, stop wasting money in juice bars. [75%]

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What dessert should Mom have on her apron?

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