Monday, January 26, 2009

Saving Eva: The Villains

Murphy is an immortal super villain and sworn enemy of the Karmapolis Heroes. Thought to have been exiled to the farthest reaches of space, the Karamapolis Heroes learn that this poor planet is his new home. A former member of the founding Heroes of Karmapolis, he fell from grace when a personal injustice was never rectified. Faced with the corruption of this seemingly indestructible system, he resolved to carry things out in his own, self-serving way. Rejected from his home on Karmapolis, he swore to make everyone else's life as miserable as his own. Now on Earth, he makes his law absolute.

Crystal is Eva's most popular classmate, and is sure to remind everyone of that fact as often as possible. Beautiful and aware of it, she enjoys pointing out Eva's imperfections to their peers.

The Grotonians
(Madame McHugnstab, Baron Von Snuggles, Lord Cuddlesworth, Tentacle Bob)

The Grotonians are a force of discord throughout the universe. They specialize in spreading terror, enslaving inhabitants of planets, and imposing uncomfortable living arrangements. They know no mercy, modesty, or compassion, lording over all other species of life. An age-old enemy of Karmapolis, the Grotonians have been fighting an intergalactic space battle with the people of Karmapolis for eons.


What killed zombie?
  • Working in retail. (33%)
  • Working in an office. (11%)
  • Loan sharks. (22%)
  • Sharks. (33%)

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