Monday, June 8, 2009

AFTER EVER Characters, part 1.

We interrupt this week's regularly scheduled Beatrice to bring you these characters from our upcoming series AFTER EVER.

When a gruesome generational feud leaves Red as the lone survivor of the Hood Tribe, she swears to exact her revenge on the Big Bad Wolf. She begrudgingly joins ranks with a rag-tag group of fairy tale and fable outcasts, but their adventures pale in comparison to the political turmoil surrounding their isolated war-zone woods. Forced to learn the life-threatening lessons of our favorite stories, Red may be the forest’s last, little hope.
Fairy tales have new life in this comic book series…but not for long.

The innocence of Red’s youth was taken from her when the Wolf and his forces massacred her village. As the only surviving member of the Hood Tribe, she has sworn to continue her family’s warrior ways be exacting revenge upon the Wolf, herself. She refuses to let her size or inexperience hold her back; a quality that effectively enlists the aid of other fairy tale and fable outcasts. On a journey to receive training from the 3 Little Pigs, Red will not rest until the Wolf has been stopped.

The Velveteen Rabbit lived a comfortable life by his human’s side, until he was thrown away along with the other toys for fear of incubating Scarlet Fever. Lost, alone, and in over his head, he joins Red in her quest when she makes the mistake of rescuing him from a wolf. Gentle, kind, and cowardly, he is everything that Red is not.

Goldilocks, a sweet-looking, smooth-talking kleptomaniac, joins Red’s journey if only for protection from the many she has slighted. Always one to speak her mind and bluntly so, her charisma and quirky sense of humor are able to get her out of most situations. The rest of the time, she can hide behind Red.

An old acquaintance of Goldilocks’, a young Robin Hood has yet to create his band of Merry Men or partake in his justifiable thievery. The morally upstanding teenager is quick-witted, chivalrous, and somewhat cavalier. He is quietly observant and loudly reactionary; his words can be so truthful that they can pierce like one of his arrows.

Rip Van Winkle is found taking a 100 year-long nap by Red’s party as they venture through the forest. Now that his village, friends, and family has become but a distant memory, he joins the gang believing that the Wolf’s forces may be the source of his misery.

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