Monday, June 15, 2009

RED Characters, part 2.

We interrupt this week's regularly scheduled Genre Squad to bring you these characters from our upcoming series RED.


The Queen of Middleland is a regal, austere, and subversive woman. We eventually learn that she is none other than Cinderella, many years after her “happily ever after” has ended. Embittered by her past and desperate to keep her good fortune of present, Queen Cinderella will let no thing or person threaten her way of life.


Working in Middleland Castle, the Page is a servant of the Queen. An honest and independent thinker, he begins to suspect the Queen’s recent bought of odd behavior, and rightly so. But in his attempts to solve the mystery, he quickly gets himself noticed. The Queen sends her 12 daughters on a mission to lure him to his grave, but his candid and charming nature earns him the adoration of the youngest princess.


The youngest of the Queen’s 12 daughters is a gracious and well-mannered, -meaning, and –bred delicate flower. Honest and na├»ve to a fault, she offers her friendship easily. Befriending the Page is the first act of rebellion she’s suffered anyone, but now that she knows the truth about her mother’s plots, she will let little stop her in her quest for good.


Little Miss Muffet, a shell of the little girl she once was, can commune with spiders throughout the forest. Though her powers are mysterious in origin, few question her abilities as she acts as both oracle and powerful ally to the Wolf.


The leader of all of fairy tales’ most misrepresented characters, the Wolf is the mastermind behind the Hood Tribe’s massacre. Attempting to create a sense of unity among the villains and redefine classic interpretations of right and wrong, the Wolf is an intellectual and powerful adversary. Not without empathy, the Wolf understands both sides of the story, but has little mercy for those who do not.


Which of the RED heroes is your favorite?

  • Red. (28%)
  • Velveteen. (25%)
  • Goldilocks. (15%)
  • Robin Hood. (22%)
  • Rip Van Winkle. (7%)
(We'd like to offer a special thanks this week to all of those that participated. This was the highest turn-out for voting, yet!)

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